Select a Cover for Night of the Creeps

Following on from the recent news of a special director’s cut of Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic Night of the Creeps hitting DVD, it has been revealed that Amazon are asking fans to choose between three designs for what will be the cover.

To select one of the three below click here and vote now!


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23 Responses to “ Select a Cover for Night of the Creeps ”

  1. All these covers are awful!

  2. Option 1 is the best of the 3. 2 looks like modern DTV releases, and 3 just showcases faces.

  3. Wow, they all look pretty bad to me. How about the original poster art instead?

  4. I agree with Cheeseburger, those cover designs look like crap. The original artwork SHOULD be used.

  5. I’m torn between the 1st and 2nd choices.

  6. Option 1 is arguably the best. It has a nice 50’s feel to it, which kinda suits the movie.

    Option 2 looks kinda cheap, something you’d expect on a budget release of an obscure movie in the public domain.

    Option 3 is the most modern – kinda reminds me of the late 90’s, when every horror poster or cover was a gallery of the stars (Scream, Urban Legends, etc.). It doesn’t really suit the movie.

  7. Well said Kim!

  8. I went with option one, though reckon the border should be red to make the zombie and logo pop out more, but the others are just plain goofy. Still, very good to be able to see different attempts other than what we will eventually have.

  9. The first one would work more if the movie was in 3D, as that seems to be what that posters is hinting at.

  10. I’d vote for #1. I agree with the original poster art sentiment for sure. This movie flat out rules, glad to see it finally getting a well deserved release.

  11. I’ll Stick With My Dvd Custom Cover Of The Old VHS

  12. I’m Still Praying For A Dvd Release Of CURTAINS “Widescreen”
    All These Classic Horror Flicks Being Released
    I Could See It Coming

  13. Option #1 has opened up a pretty good lead at 55% of the vote last time I checked. Best of the bunch anyway. Not as cool as the poster, but it’s growing on me.

  14. I voted for 2. It reminds me of the original poster more than the others.

    I will for sure be putting my custom cover over any of these. I really don’t care which cover wins.

  15. The original art is the clear winner but sadly not an option. #1 is my pick as it better captures the feel of the film. #2 is blah.
    #3 makes it look too sci-fi.

  16. Man those covers stink. All of them. If I had to pick, I’d say either the first or third. Not that there’s really much to choose from.

  17. Option three. For people today, the artwork will sell the movie the best. The other two would be for fans.

  18. Wow! Those are some horrible choices. I’ll definitely be making a custom cover.

  19. Those all suck horribly IMO. If I HAD to choose I’d probably go with the first one.

    DVD covers are always crap. I wish they’d just use the poster artwork on DVDs. Or at least get some GOOD art/artists for them. These all look like they were pieced together in photoshop by an amateur.

  20. If I have to choose one of these three pieces of change? I’d say the Blue and yellow with the font of red one.

    The Original Zombie’s hand through the door’s window is by far a better cover!

  21. I really hope these truly are NOT the choices.
    All three suck.

    Why do they always do that? You wait for one of your favourite films to be released…they release it…and it has completely different cover art then the orginal???

    Pisses me off man.

    Why couldnt they stick to the orginal poster art of the zombie at the front door of the sorority house?

    I guess i should stop my bitchin’….
    Just knowing the movie is gonna be released is cool enough!

    Cant wait until october 20th… :)

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