Shot on Video Month becomes Shot on Video Summer!


Thanks to a mini-computer breakdown, I wasn’t able to continue as I would have liked with my SOV Month. So, because I think it’s just that important, I’m extending SOV Month through the simmering summer! YAY! I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve and should have a new review up in a couple of days.

My name is Amanda By Night and thank you for listening.

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14 Responses to “ Shot on Video Month becomes Shot on Video Summer! ”

  1. It’s too big of a celebration for one month to contain. SOV horror needs its own season. Here’s to the summer of SOV. I can’t wait to see the next reviews.

  2. Thank you Tuzo! :)

  3. Hooray for SOV Summer!!!! It needs to be celebrated slowly. Think of your computer breakdown as a blessing in disguise.

  4. Amanda’s computer actually broke because it couldn’t handle the awesomely horrible screen quality of SOV flix! :)

  5. Has that image been stretched down or is that a really freaky-looking kid with some kind of weird ageing disease?

  6. If you post an image at full size and it’s larger than the width of the window, it suffers from pull-down effect. But hey, I kinda like it this way better! Kid’s more creepy!

  7. It gives his mullet more depth and perspective

  8. Hey, thanks for the love guys. I’m really getting into this whole SOV thing. I have to admit, I thought I’d be cringing but I’m really enjoying it!

  9. P.S. The elongated mullet is rad!

  10. Wednesdays should be Mullet Day on Retro Slashers. Someone with a mullet from a retro slashers movie should have their pic posted. I’m sure we could find plenty.

    And Amanda, glad you’re stoked about SOV month!!! I dig passionate horror movie fans, which is why I love this site so damn much.

  11. What’s with the kids forehead? It’s HUGE

  12. . . . then do “Blood Lake” already!

  13. Where can I get a copy of Blood Lake? I’d kind of love ot see it!

  14. Update: I got a copy of Blood Lake! YAY!

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