Silent Night, Deadly Night (Double Bill) Gallery

With Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 consisting of about 70% footage from the original movie it could almost be considered a director’s cut (despite editor Lee Harry replacing Charles E. Sellier Jr. behind the camera). Whilst the first film was a slow-burning tale of a young man’s descent into madness, the sequel showed his younger brother (played with camp delight by the unknown Eric Freeman) carrying on the bloody legacy.

Here, for your pleasure, are a selection of delicious highlights from both movies…

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4 Responses to “ Silent Night, Deadly Night (Double Bill) Gallery ”

  1. I better get this out of the way before someone else does – IT’S GARBAGE DAY! I think we should retire that chestnut and bring forth some of the other hilarious lines from part 2!

  2. You know, I had that in my head the entire time I was putting this together! Another line you could quote is ‘What makes you think you can bullshit your way into my head? Like every other pencil-neck piece of shit!’ Ahh, Shakespeare would be jealous!

  3. Well, I’d sure rather read ‘The Freeman’ rather than ‘The Bard’!

  4. I really hated this film. It truly sucked. The premise was garbage and there was nothing frightening about this movie at all. It was an obvious cash grab.

    The only “santa is a slasher” film i ever enjoyed was the “Tales from the crypt” episode: ..and all through the house” with larry drake.


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