Slasher Movie Assholes… and More!

Everyone loves a good slasher retrospective. That’s why we have a whole category of articles devoted to ’em here at Retro Slashers. Therefore, I feel it’s my duty to direct you to the blog Vegan Voorhees by Chrys Hudson Lee which – if you haven’t already discovered (and, like me, become addicted to) – you’d be wise to check out.

Recently, Chrys (who’s also a writer of slasher-themed novels) has been looking back over those familiar stock slasher-movie background characters we all know and love in a series of witty, nicely-illustrated posts called, well, Stock Background Characters 101. So far, he’s examined “doomed security personnel” and “macho assholes” (such as Glazer from The Burning, above) and I can’t wait to see who he comes up with next.

If there’s a better blog about slasher flicks around at the moment (other than Retro Slashers, of course) I’d like to see it. No, really… let me know!

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