Slaughter High on DVD In April!

Coming from Lionsgate on the 14th of April, Slaughter High finally hits DVD. It will have a pop-up trivia track (could be fun!). No, it’s not widescreen nor the Unrated cut. An April foolish purchase then? Discuss.

Update – see Wil’s comment below – it’s now UNCUT! Somewhere up above, Scuddamore is smiling.

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28 Responses to “ Slaughter High on DVD In April! ”

  1. Yeah, I won’t be getting this if it’s both the R-Rated version and Full Screen (even if it’s open matte). I hate the “youth-oriented design” of the cover; how many people under 30 care about Slaughter High? How could they even have forgotten about it as the banner on the cover says?!? The design looks like it was made to be marketed to the youth of 1986, honestly! Too bad I grew up ever so slightly (ok, barely). If they release it the way it looks they will be, then I don’t see how they will get sales from “youth” or horror DVD collectors. The unrated version and widescreen (or open matte, perhaps, would be okay), please! Otherwise, it better be about $5, because that’s all I would waste on it!

  2. how do you guys know this isn’t going to be uncut?? where does it say that anywhere?

  3. Jesus christ, I can understand if they don’t want to spend the money to re-integrate cut out footage, but releasing the shit in full-screen without the wide-screen option, what the fuck? I mean why even bother when one can get a VHS for probably a lot cheaper, which is also fullscreen, cut, and without special features!

  4. ok. i can understand if they want to keep these on an “ultra-budget” level. but come on, we would not be expecting a lot. how hard is it to add in the extra 2 minutes or so of added gore fx.

    looks like i will just stay content with my pristine uncut boot from Screamatorium DVD.

    p.s. why a pop-up trivia track? remember pop-up video on VH1? that is all im thinking right now.

  5. humanpulp, I feel like they are trying to go after the “I love the 80s” crowd that would buy this out of some nostalgic allegiance to that decade. Hey, I love the 80s, especially 80s horror, but that doesn’t mean I am completely without taste or standards! The pop-up trivia track is like a budget commentary, and everything about this screams cheap, cheap, cheap. If this was widescreen and uncut, I would honestly gladly buy it with or without the trivia track.

  6. If it’s cheaper, (like $7.99-9.99) I’ll buy it just because it’s an 80’s slasher I don’t have on DVD. But I DO have the VHS, so without any extra features it doesn’t warrant the purchase to me if over $10.


  7. God damn it. This is one of the releases I’ve been -aching- for since the advent of the format, and this is the best they can do? A fullscreen, cut version? If that winds up being true, I’ll stick with my uncut bootleg. What a colossal letdown.

  8. Um, no thanks. I’ll be happy to stick with the uncut vhs. Maybe they’ll release the uncut version the week their remake hits screens. Really, what’s the point in releasing such a half-assed dvd?

  9. ugh, what is WRONG with you people?? WHERE does it say this is going to be a CUT version??

  10. Splat, Movies Unlimited pre-order lists the film as rated R and has a running time of 90 minutes. The uncut version is 95 minutes.

  11. Matt, I’m shocked! I was born in 1986, and this is one of my favorite slasher flicks ever! lol This will suck if it’s the R-rated version though, but I’ll probably still buy the damn thing. I noticed REPOSSESSED is getting re-released as well…yay! Now I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the OOP Artisan DVD! How about we all contact Lionsgate and bug them about releasing the unrated cut?

  12. well, it’s still very early for everybody to jump to conclusions. Let’s wait and see when the DVD is actually out and some reviews come in and then we can see if it’s uncut or not. Remember when everybody freaked that the MY BLOODY VALENTINE DVD wouldn’t have the footatge re-inserted into the film…? And then it did and all was right with the world!

  13. Is this a joke or for real that Slaughter High will finally be on DVD?

  14. Where did you happen to get this information from?

  15. Why is some lame emo Napolean Dynamite on the cover of this DVD, ruining the fine artwork?

    I’d pay top dollar for an uncut VHS, and not one dollar for a censored DVD.

  16. Wow Have Not Seen This CLASSIC For A
    Good 18 years, and it was the CUT Version

    Now here’s Hoping Someone Out There
    will Release The 1983 Slasher CURTAINS
    In Widescreen. Along With The Original Artwork. Fingers Crossed

  17. I’m probably the only one who likes the 80’s feel of the cover. I think it suits it nicely.

  18. Oh, boise! Slaughter High. It’s been ages since I visited the alluring vapidness of Caroline Munro… Too bad it’s cut :(

  19. Pop up trivia:

    “This guy killed himself right after this.”

    What a silly goose.

  20. Source: January 28, 2009

    Slasher film enthusiasts voiced their excitement last week when Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced it was releasing 1986’s Slaughter High on DVD. But that feeling was tempered by a modicum of curiosity: Was the film finally going to be released uncut? All signs were pointing to “no.”

    That is, until our rep at Lionsgate did a bit of digging and informed us that they have indeed discovered a unaltered print of the film in a vault somewhere. That means when Slaughter High streets on April 14th, you’re going to get it unrated and uncut!

  21. Will this DVD include special features? Is the artcover going to look like the one above?

  22. I think they are changing the art to “reflect that it is uncut” but the stupid kid will probably stay and only special feature I have heard of is “each DVD will include a “Pop-Up Trivia” track .”

  23. see, I told you guys it would come out UNCUT! people are always freaking out about this stuff for no reason. have some patience, it’s not like ONE slasher movie is going to change your life or something. DVD fans are almost as bad as comic book nerd collectors sometimes, sheesh

  24. Hey Splat Is It Going To Be In WIDESCREEN
    Or Have U Heard

  25. splat, it was originally announced as R-rated (not here but elsewhere)… I hope that helps you understand why people “assumed” it was not uncut!

  26. What pop up trivia are they planning to include with this DVD?

  27. I think the new stupid artwork gotta go

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