Sleepaway Camp Reunion 3D Pre-Announcement


Here’s a pre-announcement of an upcoming sequel to RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, in 3D!

Hudson Canyon will produce the third installment in the famous Sleepaway Camp Feature Film series, “Sleepaway Camp REUNION 3D.” The third installment of this renowned franchise is in development, with a highly anticipated releases planned for late 2010 or early 2011. Further announcements about “major” directorial and talent attachments are forthcoming. Special FX will be rendered by co-production partner White Knuckle Entertainment with Special Effects by Kerner Optical (formerly known as Industrial Light and Magic of George Lucas fame) of San Rafael, CA. The company was behind the special FX for such classics as “Star Wars,” “War of the Worlds,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Men in Black,” “Jurassic Park” and “Harry Potter.” The film will be filmed in both 2D and 3D. “Sleepaway Camp REUNION 3D” follows the successful release via Magnet/Magnolia of “Return to Sleepaway Camp” in November 2008.

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Source: Market Watch

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8 Responses to “ Sleepaway Camp Reunion 3D Pre-Announcement ”

  1. Sucks we have to wait almost 2 years for this. But, I suppose with 3D low budget films, they take a while.

  2. Next year? That’s hilarious! We won’t be seeing this for at least 5 just like Return to Sleepaway Camp.

  3. If it’s anything like Return to Sleepaway Camp five years may be too short. Instead of 3D effects maybe they should devote more time to a well written story and fun dialogue.

  4. Exactly. Give me a smart movie with less annoying kids that light their farts on fire.

  5. RTSC was the Troll 2 of slashers films, and I adore the original, so sign me the hell up for this.

    Too bad it won’t be out until 2025……

  6. Where Is Angela? She isnt dead…So Where Is She

  7. Sleepaway Camp films rock, but RTSC wasn’t the “fun” sequel I was hoping for – actually rather unfunny. We need more sequels to Parts 2 and 3!!!


  8. Return to Sleepaway Camp was the worst piece of dog shit ever. I really hope nobody actually liked that “movie”?? Cmon people.

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