Sneak Peak at JASON LIVES Special Features


With Paramount releasing three more Deluxe Editions from the Friday the 13th franchise, follow the link below to view a brief snippet from a featurette off the Jason Lives DVD, in which writer/producer Tom McLoughlin discuss how he initially became involved with the fifth sequel.

Whilst two books and a feature length documentary may have revealed plenty about the making of this classic series, less is known about the sequels than the 1980 original so this should be a treat, especially as this year’s His Name Was Jason: Thirty Years of Friday the 13th focused too much on the fans and less on those who actually took part in the films.

With so much criticism regarding Paramount‘s poor treatment of the franchise over the years, deleted scenes, lost endings and featurettes should be enough to warrant replacing those older discs.


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  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Jason Lives is by far my favourite of the series — as an adult. Of course the original scarred the shit(e) outta me as a kid. But Jason Lives is an example of great writing and directing.

    Thanks Tom McLoughlin.

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