Sorority Row (2009) Gets "R" Rating


Fango posted that SORORITY ROW (2009) has received a “Hard R” by the MPAA. The film was previously assumed to be going the PG-13 route, inspired by the success of PROM NIGHT. I personally don’t get the allure of calling a film’s rating a “Hard R” – I mean, does anyone ever lamment they got a “Soft R”? The “R” itself is proof enough of bloody content, you don’t need to add to that. The use of “Hard” is just a worthless fluff PR description. Perhaps back in the early 90’s when “R” didn’t have a hell of a lot, but this past decade has seen the rating carry through crimson such as we have never seen since the 80’s. So puh-lease.

Source: Fangoria

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  1. I thought it would be a given it would receive an R-rating as there’s a shot in the trailer where the girl is stabbed whilst pretending to be dead. Shooting that scene in a PG-13 manner would have been pretty uneventful.

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