Sorority Row (2009) Theatrical Trailer


Took me a while to digest the trailer for SORORITY ROW (2009). While HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) is my favorite retro slasher, this redux is one of the increasing number of “requels” – remakes that feel more like sequels. At the very least I’ll be watching to play catch-out on a number of confirmed references back to the original that only fans like us would catch, like “sea pig” and the bird cane.

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5 Responses to “ Sorority Row (2009) Theatrical Trailer ”

  1. give me a break its not a remake they changed evrything its not the house mother in a pool its some dudes girlfreind in a mineshaft theres no way this can pan out to be anywhere nearly as good for that reason alone if you saw the original you’d know why ill give you a clue a docter and bait.

  2. why did they have to call it soroity row, if they are gonna change the script that much way not just change the name of the movie? then it wouldnt be another stupid remake. its like they make remakes, then totally flip the script anyway just so they make money of the remake and the original. this one looks more like an “i know what you did last summer” than house on soroity row. they better at least have the jester costume somewhere in there.

  3. Requels? I like that, it made me chuckle!

  4. I guess the obvious answer to why they’re making new movies but using old names is for marketability, though one wonders how many young people (I’m old now at 25), I’m talking teens, actually know the title Sorority House Massacre in the first place.

    And Christian is right, Requels is quite the nifty term John.

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