Sorority Row Changes Release Date


The latest news regarding Summit Entertainment‘s remake of Sorority Row is that the release date has now been changed. Originally scheduled to be unleashed on October 2, the flick has now been moved forward three weeks to September 11.

It makes a change for horror films to not be delayed these days so fans should consider themselves fortunate this time…


Source: Fangoria, Box Office Mojo

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7 Responses to “ Sorority Row Changes Release Date ”

  1. What’s the opposite of ‘delay’? Because this is just plain cool. For the yanks, at least.

  2. i wonder how many will now this is a remake

  3. cool. that’s my birthday. it would be the perfect pressie if it gets a same day release here in the land down under.

  4. Any idea when this hits the uk?

  5. releasing horror in October can be risky due to over saturation with Halloween(the holiday). There may not be a ton of horror in theaters (but there is always a few) but the television is ran amok with horror that movies usually have to compete again. The Saw series have had success releasing at Halloween but the Halloween movies have had more success releasing in the summer! Go figure.

    I think it’s a good move for the release date change and I am looking forward to this one. I don’t think this film will rake in the dough but it should do fairly well, at least enough to satisfy the studio or others watching to see what this slasher will bring in. Of course there is the chance of over saturation the market with horror in September as Halloween will be out as well as The Final Destination. Should be interesting.

  6. I was hoping the new release date was ‘never’

  7. I’ve warmed to the idea of this movie. I was dismissive at first but it seems to have been made with the best intentions so I’m hoping it will deliver!

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