Sorority Row Girls Talk Bloody Deaths


In this MTV article, the chicks from SORORITY ROW (2009) talk about the gris/gore quotent as being higher then that of the original. That may be true for many of the deaths which were pulled off with a mix of blood and suspense, but I can’t really see anything topping The Head In The Toilet, can you? Read on for an excerpt:

“There are some pretty sweet deaths in the script, I must say,” Margo Harshman, one of her sorority sisters in the flick, added. “There are some pretty twisted, gnarly ones.”

“But trust me, reading the script — with how sweet the death scenes are — it makes you want to die,” Leah Pipes (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) laughed. “You have to see them. They are so clever. It’s like, ‘Wow! I would never have thought of that!’ ”

“There’s smashed faces, burned-off faces,” Harshman explained.

“I have two words,” volunteered Pipes. “Oral fixation.”

“Oh, that’s a bad one,” Patridge grinned. “It is rated R!”

Although the trailer makes it look like Audrina ends up on the wrong end of one of those death scenes, the girls are keeping quiet about who lives and who dies. According to Patridge, it’s these twists that make this movie such a roller-coaster ride.

“Whenever we watch the trailer, we are like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ ” Patridge laughed. “I was always a big fan of ‘Scream,’ and I feel like ‘Sorority Row,’ for all [the younger] kids, it’s their ‘Scream.’ There’s a killer [and] you don’t know who it is. It keeps you guessing.”

Full Article w/Video: MTV

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3 Responses to “ Sorority Row Girls Talk Bloody Deaths ”

  1. After viewing the trailer a few times, I started to wonder if Audrina Patridge’s character DOESN’T die, and she and her boyfriend are in on it somehow. Like, she could be the daughter the housemother “supposedly lost” (if they go that route)or the boyfriend is the son and he has his girlfriend in on it as well….Just a thought.

  2. Excellent theories, SkaryMoviez!

  3. There’s a website out there (somewhere) that attempts to solve the ‘who dunnit’ of horror movies based on their trailers.

    I obviously don’t remember the url.

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