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Like My Bloody Valentine 3D, the House On Sorority Row redux is one I’m interested in. The original is my absolute favorite retro slasher, but my eyes are not clouded by unmatchable nostalgia here. The title has been shortened to simply Sorority Row, hopefully the film won’t carry the usual remake stigma. A pretty big ball in its court is that the screenwriter Josh Stolberg is a huge fan of the classic and can prove it beyond the standard Hollywood lip service.

Q: Many fans have been wondering, will the famous “I’m a sea pig” be there in the remake?

A: As it’s my favorite line in the original film, I’d be surprised if you didn’t see it in there.

Q: How did you manage to get Mark Rosman on board this project?

A: Mark owned the rights to the film, so any kind of remake or re-imagining had to go through him. Which is how he came aboard as a producer on the project. It makes me happy that he’s attached because I’d hate to think we were going in a direction that he disapproved of.

Q: Did any of the original cast and crew give and send you their blessings for remaking the 1983 classic?

A: Aside from Mark, I haven’t had any contact with any of the original participants. I actually tried to get in touch with Kate McNeil at one point to tell her it was happening. For a while I was thinking that she may be interested in playing the part of the house-mother (I know she still acts, as well as teaches), but when the studio decided to stunt cast, I knew it wouldn’t work out. Unfortunately, the only sizable “adult” role is Carrie Fisher’s part — we focus almost entirely on the college kids. I DO have a really cool original, foreign poster that Mark hadn’t even ever seen so I’m hoping to have her sign it at some point. I hope they invite the original girls to the premiere.

Read a lot more insight at Josh’s Blog.

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  1. I really hope this kicks ass. I’m encouraged by all the positive word on My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th so I hope Soroity Row continues the trend and ends up being a remake that honors the original.

  2. thanks for the linkage doc! :)

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