SOV Month Becomes SOV Summer Becomes SOV YEAR!!!


Let’s celebrate the upcoming autumn equinox correctly, shall we?

Due to some unforseen things – like life – I was unable to complete my obsessive SOV retrospective (or OSOVR) in the high style I would have liked. There are at least three films left I know I want to cover and probably a couple of more I don’t even know I want to see yet (and maybe one interview if the gods are smiling). Although the schedule looks bleak for writing, I am going to carry on with my wickedly-evil-and-so-much-fun nostalgia trip through the rest of this year. So bundle up, rake the leaves and stop by for a little more video bloodshed!


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2 Responses to “ SOV Month Becomes SOV Summer Becomes SOV YEAR!!! ”

  1. How exciting…any hints as to what we can expect to read about???


  2. Of course it has to be this way. For the world. And the children.

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