SOV Month: Sledgehammer – The Images

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8 Responses to “ SOV Month: Sledgehammer – The Images ”

  1. that Mask reminds me of ALICE SWEET ALICE.

  2. There you go! I didn’t make the connection but you are quite correct!

  3. That mask reminds me of the poster art for TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT. A similar mask is also used in the film WHODUNNIT: THE CREEP ISLAND SLAYINGS.

  4. Hi Amanda I Actually Have Never Heard Of This Slasher Before.
    Looks Awesome Though!

  5. Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by to comment. It’s not bad. It’s hard to find, but not impossible.

  6. I rented this on VHS the day it was released—quite lame!!

  7. o__o

    so…what good is it to wear a plastic mask if you go around killing people in those clothes? (victims can easily recognize you…)

  8. […] out Retro Slasher’s Sledgehammer gallery, and review by the awesome Amanda By […]

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