Slaughter High & The Funhouse Special Editions

Arrow Films have become Britain’s equivalent to Blue Underground, having released must-have special editions of many Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci movies, as well as such classics as Dawn of the Dead and Bay of Blood. Two of their latest titles announced are cult slashers that until now have received poor treatments on DVD and Blu-ray.

Slaughter High, produced in the UK in 1984 under the title April Fool’s Day, was previously released by Lionsgate with a poor selection of special features (an irrelevant trivia track), whilst Tobe Hooper’s underrated 1981 thriller The Funhouse, which was simultaneously adapted by acclaimed horror author Dean Koontz, received a vanilla release several years ago.

Slaughter High will be released on DVD on July 10th and The Funhouse will make its Blu-ray debut on July 18th.

The special features included with both films are as follows:

Slaughter High:

– Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork
– Double-sided fold-out artwork poster
– Collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by author Troy Howarth
– Available on DVD for the first time in the UK!
– Introduction by co-writer/ co-director Mark Ezra
– Jesters and Jolts: Interview with co-writer/co-director Mark Ezra
– Lamb to the Slaughter: The Scream Queen Career of Caroline Munro
– Audio Commentary with star Caroline Munro, DVD World editor Allan Bryce and author and critic Calum Waddell
– Audio Commentary with co-writer/co-director Mark Ezra moderated by Teenage Wasteland author J. A. Kerswell

The Funhouse:

– 4 panel reversible sleeve options with original and newly commissioned artwork
– Double-sided fold-out artwork poster
– Collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by critic and author Kim Newman.
– Audio commentary with The Funhouse S/FX wizard Craig Reardon and Jeffrey Reddick (creator of The Final Destination series)
– Audio commentary with producer Derek Power and genre scholar Howard S. Berger
– Audio commentary with Justin Kerswell, author of ‘Teenage Wasteland’ and host of the slasher cinema website Hysteria Lives, and author Calum Waddell
– Stuck in the Funhouse with director Tobe Hooper
– Carnage at the Carnival: Tobe Hooper Remembers ‘The Funhouse’
– Miles of Mayhem: Acting in Tobe’s Funhouse with star Miles Chapin
– A Trilogy of Terror: The Make-up Madness of Craig Reardon, the S/FX wizard recollects his collaborations with Tobe Hooper; ‘Eaten Alive’, ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Funhouse’
– Master Class of Horror: Mick Garris, the director of Sleepwalkers and The Shining reflects on the crimson-covered career of his longtime colleague Tobe Hooper
– Live Q&A with Tobe Hooper from San Francisco
– Never before seen behind the scenes photographs from the collection of Craig Reardon

For more information visit Arrow Films.

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15 Responses to “ Slaughter High & The Funhouse Special Editions ”

  1. I Hope Theres A Special Edition Dvd Release As Well As The Blu-Ray

  2. Yeah I hope so too, not bothering upgrading to Blu-ray. I reckon they will at some point as they usually release their titles on DVD.

  3. Thanks Christian I Hope They Do Release The Funhouse On Dvd
    Been Waiting For A Special Edition Of This For Years.
    Also Waiting For A Special Edition Of FRIGHT NIGHT On Dvd.

  4. good to see SLAUGHTERHIGH getting some respect – one of my fave slashers. I only have the Vestron VHS copy.

  5. I have the R1 Lionsgate disc of Slaughter High, been waiting to replace it with a superior picture quality dvd.

  6. Arrow do really good stuff. For us Brits you get region 2, posters, extras and good artwork.
    It/s great that they are putting out Slaughter High and Funhouse.
    For Argento Fans they have loads of good things including Inferno, Opera and the Card Player.

  7. Glad to see The Funhouse and Slaughter High getting proper releases. The Arrow Blu-Rays are all amazing packages and I only wish Slaughter High, Demons 1 & 2, Savage Streets and Martin were getting the HD treatment as well.

  8. i wish we Americans would get these released like this over here, i only have a R1 blu ray player and dont have the dough to cough up and get a all region player. dammit

  9. I love Arrow releases. I love that they give you new art plus all the original art.

  10. Hey Adam,

    All Arrow Blu-Rays are Region Free and play on all US players.

  11. Hey mattdeapo,

    Do they retail in the US?

  12. they are?? i thought they are in PAL format cuz mine only plays NTSC

  13. On the ‘FAQ’s’ section of the site is says this regarding international orders –

    ‘- Q. I live abroad, can I still order titles from you and how long will they take to arrive?
    – A. We accept orders worldwide from any country, however postage costs would be increased and so would delivery time.’

    So basically the same as most companies; the further away you live the more postage may cost and the longer the delivery. But that’s what I have to deal with when ordering from Blue Underground and Code Red but it’s worth it.

  14. If you buy old DVD players, they are usually region free and will play virtually anything. some old VHS players will also play tapes from other systems. And older DVD recorders will also record analog material,

  15. I don’t know if their Blu-ray are different, but the DVDs are not all region and won’t play on any DVD player. They play on my laptop but not in any DVD player I own. Adam is correct they’re PAL.

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