Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface

Back in the early 80s Fangoria held a Maniac Match-up contest.  Contestants were asked to create a comic strip featuring a duel to the death between The Shape, Jason, and Leatherface.  John Arnold and Linwood Sasser’s winning entry, 1st Fangoria Splatterbowl, was published in Fangoria #39.

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7 Responses to “ Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface ”

  1. Very cool! Thanks for posting.

  2. Very 80s! Thanks for posting.

  3. lol that was great. took a while for the pages to load for me tho for some reason. but worth the wait i loved it :)

  4. I remember back, 25 years ago, what a kick it was to buy my monthly issue of Fangoria and open it up to see my first published work in a national magazine. I quickly bought another copy and rushed over to my friend and co-creator John Arnold’s apartment We had not received notice of our winning the contest prior to the publication, so it was a complete surprise. There’s nothing better than that feeling. Don’t tell that to my firstborn.

  5. Oh yeah, Thanks for posting this. Uncle Bob Martin alerted me to this on Facebook.

  6. I remember getting that issue (the V alien cover!) back in the late summer of 1984 when I was sweet-faced 13 year old horror-obsessed boy and being quite tickled with Sasser and Arnold’s comic strip- funny, gruesome, and just well done all around with some great sight-gags and in-jokes (there was a sequel as I recall…Sucker-Swamp? I lost that issue).

    Nice work guys- it’s been fun seeing it again after all these years.

  7. I absolutely have enjoyable reading your blog. dont stop posting the excellent quality info!

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