Stabbing At Horror Movie Screening

It might have been a knife instead of a pick-axe, but still pretty funny. Whups, I mean ironic – how heartless of me. (Ha!)

A teenage movie fan has been stabbed following a New York screening of gruesome horror movie My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

An unnamed 16-year-old boy reportedly refused to leave the Long Island, New York theatre after the film had finished on Sunday night and began fighting with security guard Ricardo Singh, 24.

The youngster was stabbed during the tussle and admitted to Winthrop University Hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries and was subsequently released.

Singh was arrested, charged with second-degree assault and is set to be arraigned on Tuesday.

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4 Responses to “ Stabbing At Horror Movie Screening ”

  1. O.o my goodness. I’m guessing from the looks of it, the security guard survived the attack? I might not be the only one to get a bad feeling of media attacks against horror movies coming around.

  2. I don’t see why, I mean the kid was obviously being a jackass but it was the security guard who stabbed him so there really is no way to blame it on the movie when the security guard was in the wrong.

  3. I bet it hurt like the dickens when he got stabbed.

    I bet he got some ice cream out of the whole affair.

  4. Still, you have a better chance of surviving a MBV 3-D screening than a Notorious screening. Four stabbings and one shooting that I know of for that one.

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