Star Vehicle Steps on the Gas

star-vehicleFollowing on from last year’s outrageous slasher homage Gutterballs (reviewed here), independent filmmaker Ryan Nicholson starts work tomorrow on his latest feature, Star Vehicle. Whereas his previous flicks involved bowling alley vengeance and Asian cannibal trades, his new story is based around a chauffeur to a scream queen who longs to be an artist in his own right, eventually leaving a copy of his first script in her trailer in the hope that it will arouse her interest. But when he later finds it discarded in the trash and is subsequently fired, he decides to make the movie anyway but on his own terms and using those that scorned him as his unwitting cast of victims.

With the still as-yet-unreleased Hanger promising to bring the director even more notoriety when it is expected to hit DVD at the end of the year, Star Vehicle could prove to be the auto-slasher flick that Death Proof promised to be but failed to deliver. Whilst little is known of the feature, such names as Debbie Rochon have been linked to the project.

Watch this space…

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10 Responses to “ Star Vehicle Steps on the Gas ”

  1. DEATH PROOF just needed less talking, more killing.

  2. What isn’t Debbie Rochon in these days?

  3. Debbie Rochon is my favorite actress, she damn well better be in everything these days!

  4. I agree John, the scenes in Death Proof that were actual horror or action were cool, and the ending kicked ass, but all those scenes of endless talking…

  5. Whoa, the ending kicked ass? I have just lost total respect for you. I choose to ignore Quinten’s pussy-pandering, the Kurt Russell of my universe would not go down like a punk. :P

  6. I liked that they turned the tables on him, nice twist. Shame all the other characters were boring as hell though.

    And I never had any respect for you to begin with ;-)

  7. I found “Death Proof” to be a dull talky chick flick with a couple cool kills. But I didn’t care coz I was still drooling over the excellant “Planet Terror”.

    As for the film in question here I will definatly check it out after really liking “Live Feed” and “Gutterballs”.

    Christian, I’m new here and wonder can i put a pic in my little square or do I have to look like a druken piece of pizza? :) Cool site by the way.

  8. Hey Lord Butt Trumpet, thanks for finding us! In answer to your question about your pic, if you visit and read through the instructions you should be able to upload your image.

    And I agree, Planet Terror was far better!

  9. The story for Star Vehicle sounds great, like something that would have starred Caroline Munro and Joe Spinell 30 years ago. I also totally dug Gutterballs. Nicholson has a striking visual style.

  10. I have my fingers crossed.

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