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While you’re waiting for Sony Screen Gems to release their reboot of The Stepfather in theaters this October, Synapse Films is offering you the very first look at their DVD release of Stepfather II, due out September 29, 2009. Synapse’s Don May, Jr. revealed that the disc will include the same extras as Miramax release, an all-new documentary produced by Red Shirt Pictures and the previously unreleased theatrical trailer.

Starring Terry O’Quinn from “Lost’ fame, the Stepfather escapes an insane asylum and winds up in another town, this time impersonating a marriage counselor. Now he seems to have found the perfect future wife, with a stepson who loves him. However, other people try to get in his way to marry her. They are interfering! One by one the Stepfather eliminates anyone who stands in his way to a perfect family.

Source: Synapse Films via BD

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9 Responses to “ Stepfather 2 DVD Cover Art ”

  1. This was a fun movie all due to Terry O’Quinn. I liked that he reprised his roll for this. I got to see this gem in the theaters some years back and think this and the first make a good buy. Be sure to stay far away from Prt.3!

  2. Meh, I liked part 3, in that they came up with a story explanation for the different actor, a rare occurrence.

  3. This looks like a budget release. Makes me laugh how they plaster ‘Lost’ on the front cover. Interesting films though, a reaction to Reagan’s obsession with the nuclear family, perhaps? As for part 3, much like with Maniac Cop most people automatically dismiss it, but you should watch it and make up your own mind.

  4. Even more interesting is mentioning “H2″ when there’s little chance it’ll be titled that anymore.

  5. What is the deal with the first and more superior film, which doesn’t seem to be coming to DVD?

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  6. The Stepfather is already out on DVD, just not a very good release.

  7. Can’t find it on Amazon, I assume something must be in the works to cash in on the remake.

  8. I thought the original was OOP

  9. Anthony, you can get it on for $33.59 or £4.77 on Not a great release but if all you want is the movie there you go.

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