Stills from New H2 TV Spot

Whilst the trailer for Rob Zombie’s H2 has been doing the rounds for some time, new TV spots have surfaced which reveal even more footage from his forthcoming sequel, scheduled for release on August 28. These clips feature, among others, a shot of Michael Myers turning over a car, a gimmick that will no doubt divide fans on forums the world over.

Zombie’s 2007 remake of John Carpenter’s classic Halloween drew praise from some whilst others declared him as a hack that can only make sleaze. The various images that have been released over the months of Tyler Mane as Myers caused a backlash from fans claiming that he had killed the franchise for good. But there is little doubt that H2 will be a financial success (unless Dimension‘s marketing department manage to screw it up like they did with Grindhouse).

A decent quality copy of the TV spot is yet to surface online but it will only be a matter of time…






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3 Responses to “ Stills from New H2 TV Spot ”

  1. A clear TV spot was released today

  2. Do you have a link to a page where you’ve seen it?


    Looks pretty decent. Looks helluva lot better than the remake.

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