Suggest Actors For Mother's Day Remake


Who knows when these filmmakers are being serious, but director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4) has asked fans on his Twitter page to help suggest possible actors for his upcoming remake of Mother’s Day.“Who do you think we should CAST as MOTHER in MOTHERS DAY?!?!?,” he mused moments ago.

Sites such as Twitter have helped the industry keep in touch with their fans, with the likes of Kevin Williamson keeping his followers up to date with regular tweets during his writing of Scream 4. And it seems that Bousman is being flooded with suggestions for his movie, “Some good names here… Keep’em coming – – – Help me find a good Mother! Mothers Day casting beginning – here on Twitter!”

To join in and suggest your favourite actors, visit Bousman’s page here!


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8 Responses to “ Suggest Actors For Mother's Day Remake ”

  1. People may disagree, but I think Jason Lee would do a good Addley.
    If Betsy Palmer was younger, she as Momma would have been great.

  2. First of all they should never remake such a crappy movie. (It’s not THAT bad I guess…) I say resurrect Jim Varney for one of the sons. For the mom, how about Debbie Rowe? She seems like a fierce enough lady. But seriously, casting anyone recognizable in any role in this movie would be a no-no in my opinion.

  3. Patricia Clarkson as the mother!!!
    I remember when a long time ago she was rumored to play Mrs. Voorhees. :(

  4. Sarah Palin!

  5. Estelle Parsons!!!

  6. Im willing to bet that this is nothing like the original, seeing as it got banned in so many places, its still banned here in the UK

  7. This movie cd can be the best gift on mother day along with some carnation bunch of flowers to make your mom happy.

  8. I love the orig it’s twisted and beautiful, i wouldn’t even know where 2 start with casting. My friend joe might be a good fit for ike.
    “disco’s stupid”
    fade to yellow

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