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Tourist Trap (1979) Review

Ten years before collaborating on the successful cult classic Puppet Master, director David Schmoeller and producer Charles Band created Tourist Trap, a bizarre lost-in-the-wilderness thriller that sees a group of young friends falling foul of a devilish museum of mannequins.

Tourist Trap (1979) Review

Producer Charles Band and director David Schmoeller may be more famous for their collaboration on the Puppetmaster series, but before Band’s company Full Moon had its finger on the pulse on the B movie industry, this duo created a surrealistic little number known as Tourist Trap. A group of good looking young adults are on […]

Don't Go In The House (1979) Review

When Donny (Dan Grimaldi) discovers his cruel mother dead, the voices inside his head tell him its party time. Instead of slicing and dicing his victims, Donny prefers to chain them in a room and torch them with a flamethrower. His mother’s ghost doesn’t like Donny’s behavior and haunts him after every kill. The scariest […]

The Demon (1979) Review

When a young girl is kidnapped and murdered by a black-gloved brute, her parents call in a psychic (Cameron Mitchell) to help find the killer. Meanwhile, the stalker has his sights set on a young kindergarten teacher (Jennifer Holmes). The game of cat and mouse begins when the killer traps the teacher in her house. […]