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The Prowler (1981)

Probably the most popular device within the slasher genre is the masked killer. Perhaps it is because it conceals the killer’s true identity (although this would be redundant with Halloween and the Friday the 13th sequels), or maybe it just adds an air of menace around the antagonist

Ghostkeeper (1981)

One of the most beautiful things about the horror genre is how utterly subjective it is. One man’s Madman is another man’s Prom Night. OK, I love both of those movies, but you get my point, see? I have spent years analyzing what it is about certain slashers that chill me to the bone. Even […]

Bloody Moon (1981)

During my reckless teenage years I developed an addiction to Jess Franco flicks. My favorite Franco flick, other than those made with Klaus Kinski, is Bloody Moon. Severin recently released Bloody Moon on dvd so now I’m finally able to see Jess Franco’s only slasher uncut. And boy does the blood flow now.

Madman (1981) Review

It was the early 80s and the world of horror movies was thriving. Two filmmakers took the popular legend of Cropsy, a man who beheaded scouts, and made two films, which were shot and released concurrently. Madman was one and the other was a little film called The Burning. Although both ideas were spurned from […]

Madhouse (1981) Review

The graceful Trish Everly leads a cast of familiar character actors in this classy horror milieu co-written and directed by infamous producer Ovidio Assonitis (Beyond the Door). Everly plays Julia, a sweet and sophisticated teacher for deaf children. Although the exteriors of Julia’s life seem quaint (her uncle is a priest and she dates a […]

Graduation Day (1981) Review

I’m going to start this review by stating that I love Christopher George. I mean, I really love him. The ruggedly handsome actor, who had a chin you could open a can with, made so many wonderful low-budget genre films, it boggles the mind. Working with everyone from Lucio Fulci (Gates of Hell) to Jean […]