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Bloody Birthday (1981) Review

Let’s face it, little kids are terrifying. Seriously, just raising a rugrat can be a daunting experience. So imagine that your offspring has no sense of right from wrong? Or worse yet, what if they knew and just didn’t care? That is the question of the day in Bloody Birthday. It’s an unlikely, yet well […]

X-Ray (1981) Review

Young Susan’s (Bloody Birthday’s Elizabeth Hoy) Valentine’s Day party is ruined when crazy little Harold (Billy Jacoby of Just One of the Guys) impales a kid on a coat rack and leaves him dangling like a meaty pinata. 19 years later, Susan (Playboy model Barbi Benton) visits a hospital just to pick up test results […]

Strange Behavior (1981) Review

Dr. LeSange is dead and buried, but strange things keep occurring in sleepy Galesburg. Someone is killing the children of the men who opposed LeSange’s fiendish experiments. Evidence points to multiple slashers, but Sheriff Brady (Michael Murphy) believes LeSange is involved. The Sheriff doesn’t realize he’s next on the death list and his son has […]

Halloween II (1981) Review

Way back in Fangoria #7 a teaser paragraph in the Monster Invasion section announced the return of the boogeyman. Irwin Yablans revealed a new Halloween was in the works with Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence returning as Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis. Laurie and Loomis would once again battle the Shape on Halloween night […]

Funeral Home (1981) Review

When young Heather (Lesleh Donaldson) takes a summer job at her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, she finds herself in the middle of several mysteries. At night Heather hears angry voices coming from the basement. And some of the guests vanish before checking out. The biggest mystery to Heather is the disappearance of Grandpa, affectionately called […]