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Mortuary (1983)

¬†Somehow Mortuary fell through the cracks. Released in 1983, which we all know was right smack in the middle of the heyday of the slasher; this lost classic disappeared and is hardly mentioned anymore. Mortuary centers on Christie (Mary Beth McDonough from The Waltons), who saw her father murdered but has blocked out the actual […]

SOV Month: Sledgehammer (1983)

So June might bring summer, picnics and vacations galore, but this year summer also brings shot on video madness! This June I will take a look at a few of the classics in the SOV genre that we all love and/or despise so much.

Boogeyman 2 (1983) Review

Sequels by their very nature are comprised of recycled elements of a previous success, but there have been occasions when they have surpassed fan’s expectations¬† by matching the original in both style and popularity

Disconnected (1983)

When arthouse meets the grindhouse what do you get? Well, you’ll get a little number called Disconnected. And don’t hang up! Because this admittedly convoluted slasher is just weird and interesting enough to seek out. Frances Raines (star of The Mutilator and niece of acting legend Claude Raines) plays twin sisters, Alicia & Barbara Ann. […]

Scalps (1983) Review

Six archeology students head for the hills in search of Native American artifacts. Despite the warnings of DJ (Jo Ann Robinson), the class disturbs the ancient Indian burial ground and unleashes the vengeful spirit of Black Claw. After possessing Randy (Richard Hench), Black Claw hunts down the others with an arsenal of stone-age weapons. Fred […]

Mortuary (1983) Review

After her father’s mysterious death, Christy (Mary McDonough) suffers from sleepwalking and night terrors. Making things worse, no one beliefs her claims of a ghoul faced killer lurking in the shadows. When she learns her mother is in a coven of witches, Christy begins to distrust everyone in her life. Is her mother trying to […]