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Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 & 2 (DVD Review)

Silent Night, Deadly Night was a mean spirited little entry in the slasher canon that carried more notoriety on its shoulders than it was worth. Not to say it’s a bad slasher – it does manage some moments that get under your skin – like the suddenly non-comatose grandfather and the nighttime family assault that […]

The Prey (1984) Review

It’s almost impossible to look past such a salacious tagline as “It’s not human and it’s got an axe”, therefore, I didn’t. While I was slightly disappointed that it was human, he still carried that axe with enough murderous glee to make up for that shortcoming. The Prey is an oddity for sure. Approximately half […]

Splatter University (1984) Review

A psycho escapes from a mental institution. Three years later, the female students and teachers of St. Trinians College fall victim to the knife wielding slasher. The new teacher on campus (Francine Forbes) thinks she knows the killer’s identity. After the deaths of her friends, the young teacher confronts the killer in the hallways of […]

Scream For Help (1984) Review

Christie (Rachael Kelly) is sure her new step-father, Paul Fox (David Brooks), is trying to kill her mother but none of her friends or family take her warnings seriously. The suspicious teen stalks her step-father and his lover, Brenda (Lolita Lorre), in an attempt to gather evidence proving Fox’s evil intentions. Eventually, Christie convinces her […]

Rocktober Blood (1984) Review

Heavy metal rocker Billy “Eye” Harper (Tray Loren) goes on a killing spree and snuffs 25 people before being captured and executed. The only survivor of Billy’s rampage is Lynn Starling (Donna Scoggins), back up singer and part-time groupie. Two years after the murders, Lynn is preparing her new band, Headmistress, for the Rocktober Blood […]

The Initiation (1984)

Kelly Fairchild (Daphne Zuniga) has nightmares involving a man attacking her parents (Vera Miles and Clu Gulager). The dream always ends with the mystery man getting torched after falling into a fireplace. As a pledge for Delta Rho Chi, Kelly is forced to break into her father’s mall and steal the night watchman’s clothes. Someone […]