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The Outing (1987) Review

I have two claims to fame when it comes to this 1986 Texas lensed horror film. I have met the lead girl, Andra St. Ivani. She used to come into retail establishment I worked in. I finally asked her if she was the girl from The Outing and she was pleased as punch to tell […]

Grotesque (1987) Review

Lisa (Linda Blair) and Kathy (Donna Wilkes) travel into the mountains to attend the Krueger family reunion. During the witching hour the Krueger house is invaded by a vicious gang of punks searching for drugs, jewels, and cash. After torturing and killing the Kruegers the gang discovers the terrible family secret locked away in a […]

Bloody Movie (1987) Review

A group of film fans head to the old Lance Hayward estate before the landmark is torn down. A phantom haunting the mansion dispatches the victims while dressed as Hayward’s most famous screen characters. Bloody Movie began life as Terror Night back in the late 80’s but wasn’t released in the US until 2004. One […]

Berserker: The Nordic Curse (1987) Review

Six friends travel to Rainbow Valley for a week of camping. Turns out Rainbow Valley was settled by Vikings and one of their savage descendants still roams the woods looking for fresh flesh to rend and gnaw. Besides running from a slasher in a bear mask the teens also have to stay one step ahead […]