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Iced (1988)

What permeated the air in the late 80s that made it so… so … so stonewashed… so feathery… so scrunchie socked? What, I ask? Iced is a prime example of the late 80s in all its bad fashion glory. Unfortunately, it’s not scary, but it’s an awful lot of fun in one tiny time capsule. […]

Hide And Go Shriek (1988) Review

By the end of the 80s, the slasher genre had practically hung out its machete to dry. With very few movies able to find a theatrical release, many of the lower budgeted fare found its niche in the home video market, but slashers were becoming more of a rarity by the minute. Hide and Go […]

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers (1988) Review

There have been more misses than hits in the pantheon of the Halloween franchise. I guess whenever you try to string along a series of movies based on only the most minimal of story, that’s bound to happen. Fortunately, when this indefatigable legacy churns out a good movie, then it’s really good. Such is the […]

Iced (1988) Review

Two hotdog skiers race each other for the right to bed the lovely Trina (Debra DeLiso from Slumber Party Massacre). Cory (Doug Stevenson) wins and quickly moves in for his reward while loser Jeff (Dan Smith) gets drunk and skies off the side of a mountain. Luckily, Jeff is saved from crashing into the snow […]

Bad Dreams (1988) Review

Dr Harris (Richard Lynch), leader of the Unity Fields cult, gives his followers a gasoline bath before torching the compound. Love Child Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin) is the only survivor and spends the next thirteen years in a coma. After awakening, Cynthia is placed in the Borderline Personality Group to help her adjust to life in […]