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Moon Stalker (1989) Review

Watching Moon Stalker is like beating your head against a wall. You feel dizzy and think “Why did I just do that” when it’s finally over. Bernie, a crazy mountain man, kills campers with an ax. He’s a little slow and often mistakes campers for firewood. And Bernie loves chopping firewood. Michael O’Rourke, the writer/director […]

Intruder (1989) Review

For nearly two decades Intruder was a movie that seemed more talked about than seen and it became sort of a Holy Grail for genre buffs. After a small distribution in the late 80s, Intruder disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared a short time earlier. A good portion of the people involved, who were […]

Hell High (1989) Review

A little girl playing in a swamp accidentally kills a couple of lovers looking for a place to party. 18 years later, school bully Dickens (Christopher Stryker) seeks revenge on science teacher Brooke (Maureen Mooney) after she humiliates him in front of the class. With the aid of the rotund Smiler (Jason Brill), good time […]