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Terror Stalks the Class Reunion (1992) Review

Get a load of that title… Did you ever hear anything that sounded more like a slasher movie? Unfortunately, Terror Stalks the Class Reunion isn’t a lost slasher – for a start, there’s no slashing – but, while part of me is writing this review to stop others repeating my mistake, it’s also worth pointing […]

Happy Hell Night (1992) Review

Happy Hell Night missed the slasher frenzy by almost a decade but it’s still a pretty good attempt at a straightforward horror movie. As legend has it, twenty-five years ago seven students were slaughtered by a seemingly unstoppable force named Malius (Charles Cragin). The survivors – a student (played by a very young Sam Rockwell) and […]

Camp Fear (1992) Review

Despite being warned about the devils and demons lurking in the hills, a young professor (Vincent Van Patten) leads a group of sorority sisters to Mystic Mountain in search of fossils and artifacts. The nature studies turn deadly when a horny biker gang invades the camp. Things get much worse for the bikers and college […]