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Red Mist (2008) Review

  I never thought I’d live long enough to see a remake of Aenigma – Lucio Fulci’s blending of Carrie and Patrick, which featured killer snails and death by Tom Cruise poster. But that’s essentially what the recent British horror Red Mist (known as Freakdog in the US) is… albeit one that’s short on molluscs […]

Gutterballs (2008) Review

CAUTION: CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL After the glossy makeover that Scream had given to the genre, the slasher film came dangerously close to becoming acceptable, safe and almost cool.

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008) Review

It had been twenty years since Robert Hiltzik had directed a feature film, with 1983’s Sleepaway Camp being his one and only effort to date. His follow up, Return to Sleepaway Camp, would ignore the first two sequels (both directed with tongue-in-cheek by Michael A. Simpson) and dispense with Angela simply slicing her way through […]

The Strangers (2008)

“Why are you doing this to us?” pleads Liv Tyler to the three masked killers that have been terrorising her throughout the night. “Because you were home,” comes the rather heartless response. And this pretty much sums up The Strangers, the debut of writer/director Bryan Bertino.