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Under The Knife: Dissecting The Slashers

Written by David Boyle. As a horror fan I’m grateful for the long line of films that have drawn me to the most unyielding sectors of reality— and my imagination.  Every time I go to see a scary movie, I find myself reliving the exact moment when I first felt a cold surge of fear […]

A Retro Slasher Salute to Bob Clark

There’s a story circulating among slasher fans that goes a little something like this:  Bob Clark took this young guy named John Carpenter under his wing to help show him how to direct feature films.  While serving as an apprentice, Carpenter learned Clark was working on sequel to Black Christmas called Halloween.  A few years later, Carpenter stole […]

Black Christmas is coming to TCM

Bob Clark’s classic slasher is set to debut on Turner Classic Movies Saturday, Dec. 18th at 2:00 A.M. during the TCM Underground block.  This 1974 ode to Yuletide slaughter is one of the best and creepiest films in the slasher genre.  If you’ve never seen it, then you’ve got to check it out this weekend.  Black […]

Black Christmas (1974)

Reviewed by Michael Sarago A large house harboring the cheerful chatter of a sorority Christmas party, a few colorful holiday decorations and a snowy landscape make up the first images of this film. Now while this seems like a warm and friendly situation, it is anything but as we realize we’re seeing this through the […]