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Black Devil Doll From Hell DVD Delay Explained

In August it was announced that Chester Turner’s mid-80’s blaxploitation killer puppet pic Black Devil Doll From Hell was coming to DVD with extensive extras, like Turner’s whole other film, Tales From The Quandead Zone. The plan was for an October release, but due to distributor issues and extra time needed to record audio commentaries, that […]

Black Devil Doll From Hell Coming To DVD

We received a special features list from Shawn Lewis regarding the long awaited debut of the err, inspiring curio behind Black Devil Doll – Chester Turner’s Black Devil Doll From Hell which he announced to be coming out on October 26. -Collector’s edition Lenticular 3D Cover for the first 1000 sold -Audio commentary by Art […]

Making Of The Black Devil Doll Bobblehead

This video from Mark @ Cult Collectibles covers the history and making of the Black Devil Doll bobblehead coming out next month. It’s a pretty thorough and funny watch/listen – not at all the dry promo pieces many companies offer up.

Black Devil Doll Weird Wobbler Cumming

Press Release: Cult Collectibles is proud to announce the release of its first “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead style figure from one of the most outrageous underground films ever made: BLACK DEVIL DOLL! Pre-orders are available now with product shipping in September 2010! The 2008 film is the story of an executed Black militant who is reincarnated […]

DVD Reminder: Black Devil Doll (2009)

On October 27, Jonathan Lewis’ BLACK DEVIL DOLL is finally released! See what all the fuss is about. Five beautiful young women… one evil, murderous puppet. Heather thought that a Ouija board was nothing but an innocent child’s game. Little did she know, this child’s game would open a flaming door to hell and re-animate […]

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Romano Talks Black Devil Doll Novel

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY Since interviewing Jonathan and Shawn Lewis back in late 2007, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for their outrageously sleazy exploitation flick Black Devil Doll.