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Severin DVD’s Double Serving Of Slashery

We’re playing catch-up with things in the new year so here is some overdue DVD news from Severin. You already knew Bloody Birthday was on the way, and you’ll be pleased to hear what the cover plans are. An unforgettable image for an unforgettable pint-sized slasher storyline. Also on tap from Severin is Nightmares (1980, […]

Bloody Birthday from Severin

The terrific 1980 slasher flick Bloody Birthday is coming to DVD from Severin Films. Directed by Ed (Starship Invasions, The Brain) Hunt, Bloody Birthday follows three murderous, creepy kiddies (Elizabeth Hoy, Billy Jacoby and Steven Seton) who were all born during an eclipse. Lori Lethin and K.C. Martel star as siblings who know what the […]

Bloody Birthday (1981) Review

Let’s face it, little kids are terrifying. Seriously, just raising a rugrat can be a daunting experience. So imagine that your offspring has no sense of right from wrong? Or worse yet, what if they knew and just didn’t care? That is the question of the day in Bloody Birthday. It’s an unlikely, yet well […]