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Bid For Signed Blu-Ray of Zombie's Halloween

Those still eager for the release of Rob Zombie’s upcoming sequel Halloween II maybe pleased to hear that the filmmaker is currently auctioning a signed Blu-ray of his first entry in what could become a whole new franchise

New York Ripper Quacks Onto Blu-Ray

I know it’s overplayed to make a duck joke when discussing NEW YORK RIPPER but where else can we make duck jokes? Too good an opportunity to pass up.

Criterion Releases Proto-Slasher Classic

On July 29, the Criterion Collection will release Roman Polanski’s proto-slasher classic “Repulsion” starring Catherine Deneuve. This 1965 flick features Deneuve as a paranoid psychotic who loses all grip on reality when her sister/roommate goes away for the weekend. Ceilings crack, hands reach out of walls, a bunny corpse starts to rot, and Deneuve finds […]

Blu-Ray Announcement: Children Of The Corn

I love CHILDREN OF THE CORN (1984) to death, but if only the technological marvels of Blu-Ray would allow an audio option to remove the grating childrens narration… In 1984, a film adaptation of a chilling short story by horror master Stephen King terrified audiences and launched a film franchise that continues to this very […]