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EXCLUSIVE: Code Red’s Nightmare 2-Disc Set Finally

Code Red received quite a bashing from the genre DVD community for taking their own sweet time assembling a special edition of Nightmare (1981). Romano Scavolini’s film is a virtual camera lens inside the mind of a sweaty, mouth-foaming psychotic, and required special handling to bring this 2-Disc DVD to fruition. July 5th will see […]

EXCLUSIVE: Code Red DVD To Release Ghostkeeper

Due to overwhelming demand from horror fans, Code Red has acquired the 1981 Canadian slasher film Ghostkeeper. A trio of friends on a snowmobile trip in the Canadian Rockies become lost after venturing up a trail during a bad snowstorm. They stumble upon a seemingly abandoned hotel lodge and decide to spend the night, unaware […]

EXCLUSIVE: Code Red Signs A Deal With VCX To Release Their Catalog Titles

More longed-for rarities and hidden treasures are on the way to DVD next year! Code Red has inked an exclusive deal with VCX to release their back catalog titles of horror films. Here is the official press release, exclusive to Retro Slashers.

Code Red Alert: Jan-Feb DVD Releases

Release schedule for upcoming Code Red DVDs, via DVD Empire. It’s slim pickings for genre fans, though we’re particularly excited about The Being (1983), which we’ve not seen. Directed by Jackie Kong (Blood Diner), it’s about a toxic waste mutated boy killing residents of his small town.

Boo Hoo: No Code Red On Black Friday

With Code Red’s DVDs being some of the more expensive discs out there – which is well in line with with other smaller distributors who don’t get the subsidies the big studios do – I was looking forward to Amazon’s Black Friday deals to hopefully skim a bit off those prices.¬†Turns out none of the […]

Code Red To Close Doors in 2011

As per usual, critical information on the Code Red company and release schedule are nowhere to be found on their official blog, instead buried in a multi-year flame war over at Horror DVDs. “I am ending the company in summer 2011.” stated President Bill Norton while battling detractors.