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The Undertaker DVD In October

A Lost Slasher no more! Code Red are bringing the late Joe Spinelli’s psycho-slasher The Undertaker to DVD in October. Our own Thomas Ellison investigated the film and also recently reviewed it. And now you’ll get to see it to. Taking things one step further, Code Red are offering fans to vote which cover it […]

The Future Of Madman Marz

Joe Giannone’s Madman (shot in 1980, released 1982) has experienced a resurgence with slasher fans in recent years similar to the Sleepaway Camp movement. Yet this has all been contrary to the increasing rarity of the film since Anchor Bay’s DVD went out of print. But that’s about to be remedied as Code Red DVD […]

Code Red Say Nightmare DVD Within 6 Months (UPDATED)

While Code Red DVD have released some mouth-watering rarities, their status as the Criterion Of Horror is constantly kneecapped by their seeming reluctance to engage customers about the status of several long-delayed titles. But nonetheless, the excellent long-running website Horror DVDs has often played public confidant to the company in the past, and today brings […]

Horror High 35th Anniversary Edition DVD

On August 10 Code Red DVD releases the 35th Anniversary Edition of Horror High (1974 – do the math on that one). No relation to Return To Horror High (1987), though close together VHS release dates of both films in some countries implied as such, Larry Stouffer’s movie is actually a reliable stock proto-slasher.

Early Details On Code Red’s Madman DVD (Updated)

This week on Deadpit Radio, the legendary Paul Ehlers (Madman Marz himself) made a special announcement about an upcoming DVD re-release of the seminal 1982 slasher flick Madman. The bombastic axe-wielder told the Deadpit crew: “I found out from Gary Sales who was the owner and original producer of Madman that he had struck a […]

Goodbye Tony Fish of Madman (1982)

I hate posting R.I.P.s, but here’s a great that’s passing is gonna go unnoticed by far too many. Code Red DVD have been the bearer of bad news that Tony Fish, AKA the legendary T.P. from Madman (1982) passed away in 2009. I couldn’t locate a good picture and it seemed in bad taste to […]