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Have Ball Will Travalena: Night Of The Dribbler Star Dies

Noted comedy entertainer Fred Travalena (IMDB Profile) has passed away at age 66. The amiable funnyman played three different roles in the unreleased slasher spoof NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) and has a veritable laundry list of stand-up, impersonator and acts gigs. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. As recently as […]

Dribbler Taken Off The Court For Now

I only throw bad basketball puns your way to mask my disappointment that Code Red’s NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) has been delayed. Pretty much the most anticipated lost slasher since it never came out in any format, I guess what’s a few more months after about a decade plus? Read on for some Code […]

Code Red Alert: Exploitation Double Features

These Code Red titles flew so low they even missed my “Red Radar” – this past week saw the release of two EXPLOITATION DOUBLE FEATURES. And while the special features have been paired-down to accommodate two films on one disc, each collection has something new/exclusive to make a purchase worthwhile.

Don't Go in the Woods Gallery

Don’t Go in the Woods was one of those movies that I wasn’t impressed with when I first saw it, but the more and more I watch it the more I appreciate its camp charms and schlock production.

Scream & Riot Delayed

The Code Red produced Media Blasters/Shriek Show releases SCREAM and RIOT ON 42ND STREET are going through an unspecified release date change – according to Production Supervisor Richard York, who says the “originally announced release dates are now null” and “to the best of my knowledge, these titles will come out at a later date […]

Code Red Alert: The Strangeness (1985)

Code Red bring forth forgotten retro horror! In THE STRANGENESS (1985), a group of explorers surveying an abandoned goldmine are trapped in a cave in, and find themselves at the mercy of a slimy, mysterious creature.