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The Psycho Legacy DVD Artwork

Here is the artwork for The Psycho Legacy 2-Disc DVD, arriving October 19th from Shout Factory. For the whole story on this highly anticipated doco (come on, we all know Psycho is the granddaddy of the slasher film), you’ll want to check out our Interview with Robert Galluzzo, conducted last year when the director was […]

Never Sleep Again Website Launches

And Freddy is waiting for you! The official website for the upcoming (and sure to be definitive) documenatry on the Elm Street series has gone live. The documentary, which began filmming in August of 2009, should prove to be all intensive. Brought to you by Dan Farrands who put together His Name was Jason, has […]

Cropsey…He's Real

A documentary recently came to my attention that simply blew my mind, and I assumed might many of you as well, but I held off on reporting it, because I was sure–sure–someone else would get to it, probably right as I was typing mine up. It just seemed like such a given! Well, some days […]

Exclusive Interview With Psycho Legacy Director Robert Galluzzo

Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO can be considered prime among the progenitors of the slasher genre. Many talk about its impact on the film world, but few pay attention to the second, third and forth chapters which each brought something unique to the compellingly tragic story of Norman Bates. Enter director Robert Galluzzo who has spent the […]

His Name was Jason

The new doc covering the gory glory 30 years of Friday the 13th films is out now and I urge all slasher fans to pick up a copy. The interviews with the men behind the mask is a highlight as well as seeing many cast members from different entries. Steve Miner is missing from the […]

Scream and Scream Again: History of the Slasher Film

I love the internets. You get to see things you ordinarily just wouldn’t be exposed to. Such as, this BBC documentary on the US slasher film. They have some pretty high profile interviewees, and take some alternative angles on some of the most well-known titles in the subgenre. Here’s part one on the embed above, […]