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Severin DVD’s Double Serving Of Slashery

We’re playing catch-up with things in the new year so here is some overdue DVD news from Severin. You already knew Bloody Birthday was on the way, and you’ll be pleased to hear what the cover plans are. An unforgettable image for an unforgettable pint-sized slasher storyline. Also on tap from Severin is Nightmares (1980, […]

Bloody Birthday from Severin

The terrific 1980 slasher flick Bloody Birthday is coming to DVD from Severin Films. Directed by Ed (Starship Invasions, The Brain) Hunt, Bloody Birthday follows three murderous, creepy kiddies (Elizabeth Hoy, Billy Jacoby and Steven Seton) who were all born during an eclipse. Lori Lethin and K.C. Martel star as siblings who know what the […]

Black Devil Doll From Hell DVD Delay Explained

In August it was announced that Chester Turner’s mid-80’s blaxploitation killer puppet pic Black Devil Doll From Hell was coming to DVD with extensive extras, like Turner’s whole other film, Tales From The Quandead Zone. The plan was for an October release, but due to distributor issues and extra time needed to record audio commentaries, that […]

EXCLUSIVE: Code Red Signs A Deal With VCX To Release Their Catalog Titles

More longed-for rarities and hidden treasures are on the way to DVD next year! Code Red has inked an exclusive deal with VCX to release their back catalog titles of horror films. Here is the official press release, exclusive to Retro Slashers.

Warner Archives To Release 2 Fan-Favorite Slashers To DVD

The Warner Archive Collection have confirmed they will release long sought after titles Killer Party and Night School to DVD in 2011.

The Dorm That Dripped Blu

Fangoria have revealed the reversible artwork to Synapse’s The Dorm That Dripped Blood blu-ray release due on March 8. The front cover is the classic US artwork, and the inside is the spiked bat iconography of the original version, as released in the UK under the title Pranks.