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Celebrate this weekend with a Retro Slashers Trifecta

Right this moment a major debate is taking place in the United States. Will you see Halloween II or The Final Destination this weekend? I say to hell with the debate, go see both films. Here’s how the Retro Slashers Trifecta weekend works. Go see Halloween II and The Final Destination. After you’ve seen both […]

More Images From The Final Destination

One film I’m actually really starting to look forward to is The Final Destination, in what promises to be a gruesome and fun experience. Following on from the images first published by DVD-Forum last week, here’s a new selection from the film’s official site and Facebook page!

New Images From The Final Destination

As the new 3D wave continues, the next one set to explode from the big screen is The Final Destination, the fourth in the franchise that first started back in 2000

MPAA Rates The Final Destination

It will hardly come as a surprise to those who have followed the series thus far, but the MPAA have granted The Final Destination (the fourth of the series, which had peviously been known as Final Destination: Death Trip)

A Real-Life Final Destination?

Sometimes life imitates art a little too closely. I’m sure you’re all aware of the disaster of Flight 447 earlier this month, in which a plane carrying 228 people disappeared during its journey between Rio de Janeiro and Paris

Final Destination Collection

August 18 sees release of the FINAL DESTINATION COLLECTION but is it really anything new? In one word, no. In fact, it’s perhaps even less than the last boxset, FINAL DESTINATION THRILLOGY, which was released 3 years ago – because that was 4 discs and this is only 2. Just 2 discs? They must be […]