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Under The Knife: Dissecting The Slashers

Written by David Boyle. As a horror fan I’m grateful for the long line of films that have drawn me to the most unyielding sectors of reality— and my imagination.  Every time I go to see a scary movie, I find myself reliving the exact moment when I first felt a cold surge of fear […]

Jason vs Leatherface

In 1995, Topps Comics published Jason vs Leatherface, a three issue limited series that brought together two slasher icons for the first time.  The series features gruesome cover art by Simon Bisley, a story by Nancy (Sunglasses After Dark) Collins, and plenty of gory artwork from Jeff Butler.  Each issue concludes with a short article on slasher films or the […]

Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface

Back in the early 80s Fangoria held a Maniac Match-up contest.  Contestants were asked to create a comic strip featuring a duel to the death between The Shape, Jason, and Leatherface.  John Arnold and Linwood Sasser’s winning entry, 1st Fangoria Splatterbowl, was published in Fangoria #39.

Friday the 13th Part III on UK TV – in 3D!

Slasher fans in the UK are in for a rare treat next week when Channel 4 screens Friday the 13th Part III in 3D as part of its seven-day 3D season. Special specs in an unusual blue-and-orange colour combo are available free of charge from Sainsbury’s supermarkets, so grab a pair (or a pair of […]

Graphic Horror – Slasher Merchandise

As well as toys, the other thing we horror geeks refuse to give up are our comics. There’s something about seeing limbs hacked to pieces and intestines being spewed out onto the floor that makes for an entertaining read.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) Review

After three successful, if somewhat critically mauled, feature films, Paramount finally decided to lay their lucrative Friday the 13th franchise to rest with what promised to be The Final Chapter.