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Platinum Dunes Talks Fan Reaction to Friday the 13th

It seems that Platinum Dunes are paying attention to the criticism that fans have been giving regarding their non-stop love for remaking slasher classics

Friday the 13th Sequel?

Fans have been debating since February whether or not the success of Friday the 13th would prompt a sequel in the near future

Sneak Peak at JASON LIVES Special Features

With Paramount releasing three more Deluxe Editions from the Friday the 13th franchise, follow the link below to view a brief snippet from a featurette off the Jason Lives DVD

Alternative Ending from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter

Shock Till You Drop have posted a brief clip of the original ending to Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter which will be included on the upcoming Deluxe Edition DVD

SMALL SCREEN SLASHERS – He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

With 1985’s Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning not only disappointing critics but alienating the fans, Paramount soon realised that they had to bring Jason Voorhees back in a new and exciting way

EXCLUSIVE – Jason's Face Revealed

From the forthcoming FRIDAY THE 13th (2009) KILLER CUT hitting DVD/Blu-Ray on June 16th, Jason’s face revealed! In this scene, it’s still kept in shadows and seen very sparingly.