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June is Slasher-Hybrid Month at Retro Slashers!

Not to be confused with quasi-slashers, which are movies with vague slasher elements (in which case, I’m pretty sure every single horror movie and serial killer thriller would be valid), slasher-hybrids are films that specifically combine the slasher film with an outside genre but can exist in both worlds on their own merits. One example […]

Future Kill Composer Robert Renfrow Passes Away

I have been informed by a close friend of Future Kill composer and true Texan Robert Renfrow that he passed away on December 9th 2010 after a short illness. He was only 49. It feels like a major blow to me – in 2006 I interviewed Renfrow and it was one of my favorite interview experiences […]

Future-Kill (1985) Review

It’s the near future and young adults are divided into two factions: the ‘Frats’, the privileged college upperclass, and the poverty-stricken ‘Mutants’, a society of punk protestors. We start out with each group separately but in mirrored situations – a pack of ‘bad’ frat members are in trouble for repeated pranks on a ‘good’ frat, […]

A Synthesized Future: The Robert Renfrow Interview (2006)

Ronald D. Moore’s FUTURE-KILL (1985) faced illustrating a large story with a limited budget. A big part of its success in demonstrating a bleak, near-future vision was not what you see, but what you hear. Film composer Robert Renfrow’s electronic score perfectly complimented the on-screen action. Unlike many composers who start working on films after […]