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Inside Graduation Day: The James Winburn Interview

James Winburn has worked on probably half of your favorite horror or action films in a stuntman capacity – even donning the Michael Myers mechanics outfit and mask in the first HALLOWEEN – and also directing the retro horror video staple EVIL ALTER! But you can get his exhaustive list at IMDB. We’re here to […]

Graduation Day (1981)

The success of Friday the 13th in 1980 and the subsequent slasher boom was responsible for every producer and studio in town attempting to create their own variation, some were successful (such as Prom Night, Happy Birthday to Me and Hell Night), others were mediocre at best.

Night Screams (1987)

It would be really easy to sit here and talk about the things in Night Screams that went wrong. So much of it isn’t very good technically. But it was 1987 and slashers were drifting away from the theater and were popping up more and more as direct-to-video efforts. It was an interesting time in […]

Graduation Day (1981) Review

I’m going to start this review by stating that I love Christopher George. I mean, I really love him. The ruggedly handsome actor, who had a chin you could open a can with, made so many wonderful low-budget genre films, it boggles the mind. Working with everyone from Lucio Fulci (Gates of Hell) to Jean […]