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Cat In The Brain DVD (Grindhouse Releasing)

Coming off a superb (I’m told – too expensive for me right now) Special Edition of Pieces, Grindhouse Releasing are bringing Lucio Fulci’s self-reflective slasher Cat In The Brain to DVD on March 31, 2009. No word yet if that a representational enhanced cover above for the disc, nor extras. Dr. Lucio Fulci is a […]

Pieces DVD From Grindhouse Releasing

My future drinking buddy Wil over at Horror Yearbook recently alerted me that the [Bastards! Bastards! Bastards! at] Grindhouse Releasing have finally finished up work on their 2-Disc Special Edition DVD of Pieces and slated that chunkola of cheese for an October 28th release. I’ve always felt this 1982 Spanish slasher stands as a vestigial […]