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DVD Review: Halloween II (2009) Unrated Director’s Cut

This is the version of Halloween II that should’ve been released in theaters.  Rob Zombie’s director’s cut of Halloween II is out now with fleshed out story lines, more face time for Michael Myers, and a nihilistic ending much better than the pitiful one haunting the theatrical version.  Two years after her last encounter with Michael […]

Halloween II Bombs, Now the Real Bloodbath Begins

The layoffs have started at The WeinsteinCompany just one week after Rob Zombie’s Halloween II finished a disappointing third at the box-office. TWC, once a major player in Hollywood, had pinned its survival on the box-office performance of Halloween II. The films pulled from release so TWC could safe enough money to promote Inglourious Basterds […]

Michael Myers Gets Hit By Car (Video Fixed)

Check out this hilarious clip, and for all the snark it musters, remember it’s actually from Rob Zombie’s own HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO. Is Rob poking fun at himself, or revealing his true feelings about Michael Myers?

Celebrate this weekend with a Retro Slashers Trifecta

Right this moment a major debate is taking place in the United States. Will you see Halloween II or The Final Destination this weekend? I say to hell with the debate, go see both films. Here’s how the Retro Slashers Trifecta weekend works. Go see Halloween II and The Final Destination. After you’ve seen both […]

Submit Your Questions For Danielle Harris!

Retro Slashers is interviewing the talented and beautiful Danielle Harris and we’re opening the door to you to ask a question! Email us or post in the comments below and 24 hours from now we will gather the best questions!

H2 Plot Breakdown From Start To Finish

Read at your own risk, I provide this report from a test screening monkey with no confirmation or disclaimer, for the expressed purpose that you can waltz into the theatre with plausible deniability if you don’t like the sound of it.