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Stills from New H2 TV Spot

Whilst the trailer for Rob Zombie’s H2 has been doing the rounds for some time, new TV spots have surfaced which reveal even more footage from his forthcoming sequel, scheduled for release on August 28

Homeless Michael Myers Action Figure

Rob Zombie’s latest teaser is in fact not from the new Halloween movie itself but an action figure, based on one of Michael’s many looks from the upcoming H2.

Will Rob Zombie and H2 save the Weinstein's from Financial Collapse

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting The Weinstein Company is on the verge of financial collapse and only the box-office returns for Rob Zombie’s H2 can save them. According to Finke’s inside sources, TWC only has enough cash reserves to stay afloat until August. In a desperate attempt to save the company, the Weinstein […]

Yet More H2: Halloween 2 Images

Today, Rob Zombie published yet more ‘teaser’ images from his latest effort H2 (Halloween 2)

Internet Gets Tired Of Rob Zombie's H2

Ever get indigestion? Just like Hobo Myers in full body shots looks like he’s had one too many cheeseburgers from dumpsters, many of us who run horror news sites have been realizing that Rob Zombie has been feeding us scraps. Almost every day there is something “new” to report on. Usually just a single image. […]

Behind-The-Scenes Of H2

Several new shots in this video, which show that Hobo Myers also walks like a Hobo. I feel sorry for him and want to point him to the nearest soup kitchen. HALLOWEEN 2: Anticipated Horror Sequel, or Modern-Day Parable For Social Injustice?