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H2 Clip: Myers Chases Laurie… Again

For the first time since the 80’s, MTV are relevant to me – as they’ve posted this clip from Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2. It’s the first indication of the film’s content so give it a view. If I were a betting man I’d say it’s a dream sequence. Source: MTV

Rob Zombie Crucifies Marketing Team

Wow. Rob Zombie has been promoting HALLOWEEN 2 more then making it, seemingly. Can be a good thing, can be a bad thing. But we’ve recently noticed that anytime genre fans don’t like something specific coming out of his camp, he renounces it.

H2: Halloween 2 Gallery

Whatever side of the fence you sit on regarding Rob Zombie’s take on Michael Myers, H2: Halloween 2 is the most anticipated slasher of 2009 behind Platinum Dunes‘ Friday the 13th reboot. Some have praised the director’s new direction, whilst the hardcore fans have blasted him for perverting the character from John Carpenter’s original vision

New H2: HALLOWEEN 2 Poster

Halloween Movies

It's Garbage Day: Hobo Myers Style

Forget Eric Freeman, there’s a new slasher in town taking care of the ‘garbage’, though perhaps not in the way you might think! View below…

Michael Myers 2009 Gallery

Our screenshots of both Standard and Hobo Deluxe versions of Mad Mike from the H2 Trailer for your perusal and dissection. Click for full size.