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Choice Slasher Posters From 1978 (Halloween)-1984 (ANOES)

Posters help sell a movie. They catch the public’s eye and, if you’re the right target for what they’re selling, they should encourage you to buy that ticket. Though the art is somewhat dead today (too many Photoshopped pictures of teen stars, not enough design), there are still plenty of examples from the golden age […]

Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface

Back in the early 80s Fangoria held a Maniac Match-up contest.  Contestants were asked to create a comic strip featuring a duel to the death between The Shape, Jason, and Leatherface.  John Arnold and Linwood Sasser’s winning entry, 1st Fangoria Splatterbowl, was published in Fangoria #39.

Halloween II Retrospective in Fango #288

Any Halloween fan wanting to know more about the rest of the night HE came home should check out Pat Jankiewicz’s interesting retrospective in the current issue of Fangoria. Director Rick Rosenthal reveals how behind-the-scenes battles between John Carpenter and Dino De Laurentiis changed what scenes made it into the final film. Dean Cundey and […]

Submit Your Questions For Danielle Harris!

Retro Slashers is interviewing the talented and beautiful Danielle Harris and we’re opening the door to you to ask a question! Email us or post in the comments below and 24 hours from now we will gather the best questions!

Halloween (1978) Review

With only student films to his name, USC graduate John Carpenter had achieved minor acclaim with his exploitation thriller Assault on Precinct 13. For his next project, a producer had approached him about writing and directing a movie about ‘a babysitter being stalked by the boogeyman.’

The Real Myers Sequels: Halloween Complete Omnibus

Surely by now you know of Retro Slashers‘ love for the HALLOWEEN comics from Devil’s Due. They’ve been the only place in the entire universe – real as well as fictional – to get further chapters of the franchise starring Classic Michael Myers. You know, walks, shaped like a normal man, wears a non-descript clean […]